Support Group

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Support Group

Support group is held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm. We meet in our new office, located at 615 Thain Road Suite A in Lewiston (adjoining Orchard’s Pawn & Tack). Each month, we discuss a different topic centered around autism. Dinner and childcare are provided free of charge to attendees. Parents are encouraged to arrive approximately 15 minutes before the start of group to provide our Child Care Specialists with any special information they may need to know about your child and how their day has been going, so we are all prepared for any issues that might arise. Following group, parents will be given a report on their child’s time in our care.

RSVP is required at least two days in advance of each meeting so we can make the appropriate arrangements for dinner and childcare. However, we understand the difficulties that can arise when planning outings, so we will do our best to accommodate late RSVPs. Our main goal is to have the appropriate staffing to provide extremely low staff to child ratios.

All children attending support group with their parent / guardian(s) must have a completed information form on file prior to attendance.

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Important Information

Child Care Specialists are not allowed to administer medications to children in our care.

If your child becomes upset and we are unable to calm them down, we may need to ask you to step out of the support group meeting and assist us with your child. This will only be done if considered necessary by the Child Care Specialist working with your child.

Please keep us informed of any changes to the information included on this form.

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