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Child Care Specialist

We are currently hiring for Child Care Specialists to assist with supervising children during our support group meetings.

Job Description

We are looking for capable, compassionate Child Care Specialists. The Child Care Specialist will be required to supervise children with developmental disabilities while their parents meet in a adjoining room for support group. Child Care Specialist will supervise children’s activities, help them develop key life skills, and ensure safety at all times. May be required to provide support to a hurt, injured, or emotionally upset child.

 To be successful as a Child Care Specialist, you should enjoy being around children and feel comfortable juggling multiple responsibilities. Ideal candidates will be able to manage individuals as well as groups of children in a caring, calm, educational, and therapeutic atmosphere.

Child Care Specialist Responsibilities:

·       Providing a safe, nurturing, calm, yet fun environment for children with special needs.

·       Supervising children during playtimes and mealtimes.

·       Modeling good character and hygiene habits and encouraging children to follow them.

·       Providing positive reinforcement, but also be firm when necessary.

·       Offering emotional and appropriate physical support when a child is hurt or emotionally upset.

·       Following the guidelines for appropriate care as outlined by each child’s parents/caregivers.

Child Care Specialist Requirements:

·       High school diploma or equivalent.

·       Ability to pass a background check.

·       A qualification in early childhood education or similar is highly preferred.

·       Experience working with children with developmental disabilities is highly preferred.

·       CPR and First Aid certifications are required.

·       Knowledge of psychological and emotional development in children.

·       Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

·       Ability to work in fast-paced, unpredictable environments.

·       Superb multitasking abilities

·       Sound judgement skills.


$25 per hour. Approximately 1.5 hours twice monthly. Second and Forth Wednesday of each month. 6:45pm – 8:15pm.

Submit resume, cover letter, and verification of any specialized training to:

Laura Lumley, 1051 Hemlock Ave, Lewiston ID 83501

or email to greenappleprojectlcv@gmail.com

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Please click on the link above if you would ever like to volunteer with The Green Apple Project. We can use volunteers to assist with events, fundraisers, and support group. We appreciate you choosing to make a difference with us.